The Penfield Company Story

The Penfield Company began its life under the direction of E. Lewis Penfield, Jr. Since our founding in 1989, we have worked with individuals to help protect their estates, as well as corporations, sole proprietors, and partnerships to assist in business continuation.

We have relationships with over 30 companies whose financial products and services allow planners a wide range of solutions to apply to each client's specific wants and needs. We do not work for insurance companies - we work for you.

Financial Service Professionals at The Penfield Company believe in a consultative approach to the financial services professional-client relationships.

This means that our initial visit with a new acquaintance is an opportunity to get to know one another and begin to understand what is important to you. During this meeting, we will answer questions and address the concerns you have.

We do not conduct business during our first visit. This allows you and us the opportunity to evaluate your specific situation with no pressure.

If, at the end of our visit, you would like to learn more and see specific recommendations and solutions, we will then set a time to visit again. "If it is good today, it wil be good tomorrow." If appropriate, we will illustrate solutions for your review.

Respect for our clients is the cornerstone of our philosophy.